Sacred Texts Term 4


So far this term we’ve looked at:

a)  the nature of truth in sacred texts and how texts can be interpreted in different ways.

b) Hermeneutical tools

c) The concepts of ‘The World of the Text’ – Inside, behind, in front of; Texts:  text, pretext, context

d) Sacred Text excerpts:  Genesis story of Creation (Adam and Eve), The Book of Ruth, Noah and the Flood.

The following resources have been used in class.  Please make sure you download these and use them to revise for your exam and help when constructing your writing practice activities in class time:









General Class Feedback on Essay Drafts

Hi class, here is a word document outlining some main points you should consider for your essays.  I have included some samples of submitted essays with my feedback.  Please check your work to ensure your essay has the necessary formal academic tone required of a Study of Religion essay.  Your essay should show depth of research and analysis, with clear links made to your hypothesis throughout your entire essay.

General Class Feedback